Belgian Logos

In Strasbourg we will choose a final logo for our project. These are the Belgian candidates' logos. by Helena Lamb and Kato Bulcaen by Marthe Vankeirsbilck by Camille Libbrecht

Student Meeting

Before the exchange week takes place, we must come together a number of times, so last Monday (16/12) we met with almost all the Belgians again. First the teachers who organize the week welcomed us and informed us a bit. Then they showed us the blog with the articles we wrote. We all shared the... Weiterlesen →

Being a host family: some impressions

In the first place, I found it exciting to know which student would come to my home. I was at the station of Waregem, full of nerves, waiting for the train. When we arrived at home, it felt immediately fine. She was very sociable and talked a lot. She talked about her trip, but also... Weiterlesen →

Workshop 4: Stereotypes: Kahoot (incl. chatbox)

When we think about the Kahoot-quiz, the first thing that comes to mind is fun, because that word best describes the quiz. Every country (Spain, Austria and Belgium) had made a quiz about stereotypes in their country. Every country presented its own quiz, while the other countries had to solve it. After every question, they... Weiterlesen →

Workshop 3: Cultural Diversity (incl. chatbox)

During the Erasmus week, we had a workshop on cultural diversity. This meant that everyone from each country had to write down the usual habits when meeting or receiving people. Everyone had to write down on post-its the “do's and don’ts” for each country. Afterwards, we discussed the differences and so we got to know... Weiterlesen →

Workshop 2: Exploring Europe

The Workshop “Exploring Europe” was a very fascinating and interesting workshop about the European Union (EU). In the beginning, we played a little Kahoot-quiz about the basic things you should know about the European union. An enthusiastic speaker from an external organisation told us, in a first part, about the history of the EU. We... Weiterlesen →

Workshop 1: Identity (incl. chatbox)

Mentimeters is the workshop where we used word clouds of keywords describing our three countries. We all had to make a cloud before the project started so we could start directly with the workshop. Every country put in 8 words that were related to their habits, friends, school, relationships with other people, your own character,... Weiterlesen →

Logo for the Project (Barcelona)

A couple of students from Barcelona created a logo for our project and the other countries will do the same. In Strasbourg we will choose the final logo. The chosen logo was created by Raul Mester, one of the students that had the chance to go to Belgium with the first mobility of Identify Democracy.... Weiterlesen →

My Experience with a Belgian Host Family

Me and seven more classmates, had the chance to travel to Belgium, exactly to Waregem for six days.  We were living with host families and everyone of us said that they were very friendly and polite. Almost everybody there is very polite, and we were really thankful that they treated us that way. I was... Weiterlesen →

Our fieldtrip to Oostende

On friday, the 8th of November, we went to Oostende. Since Oostende is a city with a lot of modern art, we had the task to film a video about the art piece we liked best. Every artwork was very unique and interessting. After that we met up with some of the other students and... Weiterlesen →

Our visit in Bruges

Tuesday afternoon, we took the train to Bruges, a beautiful City in West Flanders. We formed groups of 4 to do a questionnaire through the city. We were really impressed by the cute little streets and the old buildings. After we bought some chocolate, we went to the Market Square, where we met all the... Weiterlesen →

How it is to be hosted?

by Simon Graser, Kathi Reisinger While we were in Belgium, we obviously needed a place to stay for the week. To our relief there were eight lovely students, who offered there home for us. They all attend the Heilig Hartcollege Waregem. When we got of the train on Monday, our exchange students picked us up... Weiterlesen →

Belgium here we come!

We are eight bright and motivated students from Vienna, Austria and are going to fly to Belgium this coming November. Moreover, we are very excited to show our achievements and to work with you. This is a short introduction of us. Name: Simon Age: 17Hobbies: listening to music, meeting friends, going to the gymPublic image:... Weiterlesen →

Student meeting

On October 25, the pupils of Sint-Paulus, Campus College had a day off, except for the ones participating in Erasmus +! #dedication We spent the morning discussing identity, cultural scripts, and stereotypes in preparation of the upcoming project week. #lookingforward As an interlude, we watched the introduction clips of the Spanish and the Austrian students,... Weiterlesen →

The importance of democracy

Photo: pixabay; Democracy is based on the right to vote. In a well led democracy the people and their interests come first. People get equal opportunities, irrespective of their gender, faith, etc. They are all granted the same rights. Like the right to vote, for example. The systems quintessential: It’s the people’s choice, who gets... Weiterlesen →

Our motivation for Erasmus+

Photo: pixabay Why are we in the Erasmus+ team? We are here because we think democracy is really important. Everyone should have the same rights and should be treated the same way. We want to talk to other countries in the world and hear what they have to say. We also want to get to... Weiterlesen →

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