Arrival in Strasbourg

After two hours flying, we landed at the airport of Munich “Franz Josef Strauss”, where we were waiting 50 minutes to be able to embark at the following airline which went to Strasbourg. Our first impression of the second plane was negative, it was small and it seemed like a toy plane. But, after all,... Weiterlesen →

Our Wednesday in Colmar

Originally, the routine on Wednesday consisted of a visit to the European Parliament situated in Strasbourg and some interactive group activities. But because of the global situation regarding the COVID-19 virus, the European Parliament had to be locked down.  The situation was quite confusing because our teachers were not told of this decision, as a... Weiterlesen →

The way back home

It was a long trip our way back home, but, fortunately, we didn't have to get up as early as the Austrians, who woke up at 4 am. The Belgian people were as lucky as we were. Both groups slept until 8:20 when the breakfast began.  After taking some photos all together, the Belgians went... Weiterlesen →

The scavenger hunt

Today we did something that was really fun. A scavenger hunt in the european quarter in Strasbourg. We met at 10am in the Lobby of our hostel and went 45 mins to where the scavenger hunt started at Lieu d'Europe. We were in small groups with students from every country. Every group got a paper... Weiterlesen →

From Vienna to Strasbourg

Photo: Pixabay It has been such a long trip! We had to get up so early. We had to get up between 3:30 and 4:20 in the morning to make it to the airport where we had to be at 5:20. After checking in our bags at 5:50 we passed the security check. Luckily without... Weiterlesen →

Strasbourg, Wednesday evening, March 4 2020

On Wednesday evening, the Belgian teachers had the idea of attening a presentation at the University of Strasbourg. This presentation told us more about feminism and female violence. The topic actually was: "Que peut l'Europe pour les femmes?" (= What can Europe do for Women?). This presentation was completely in French so for the Belgian... Weiterlesen →

Strasbourg, Tuesday afternoon, March 3 2020

So at noon we had the choice to eat wherever we wanted. Some of us ate pizza and other ate at Mc Donalds. When we finished eating we got the task to conduct street interviews about democratic participation and electoral behaviour. It wasn't always easy to find people who were willing to do this. On... Weiterlesen →

Strasbourg, Tuesday morning March 3, 2020

Tuesday, we had breakfast at 7.45 AM. After breakfast we went with the whole group to the European quarters, where the European parliament and the Parlamentarium are located. We had a plan to visit the parliament but unfortunately, all the European institutions were closed because of the new Coronavirus Covid 19. We were really sorry... Weiterlesen →

Strasbourg, Tuesday March 3 2020, Evening

After the free time we were expected in the hostel for dinner. Next the teachers had planned an escape room in the city. During the walk we were confronted with a lot of rain but the escape room makes up for everything. We were divided into 4 different groups and escape rooms. Each escape room... Weiterlesen →

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